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BinGo – Developed to provide hidden underground bin storage

BinGo underground bin storageHas been developed to provide hidden underground bin storage. Subterranean storage hides these unsightly bins from view, collection and emptying can be made at the touch of a button - it couldn't be simpler, easier or more effective.

BinGo is ideal for courtyard gardens, paved areas, street side locations and in prestigious areas where commercial wheelie bins would be ugly and not in keeping with the location.


Why use BinGo!

  • "The pavement is now clear for occupants to pass safety"
  • "The area is tidy and appears so much bigger!"
  • "Our courtyard is clear from big, smelly bins"
  • "You would never know that two meters below your feet are six large wheelie bins"

Underground bin storage not only improves your immediate environment but is safer, provides more space at ground level and can increase the value of your property.


Illustration BinGo hidden underground bin storage

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