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Accessories - Scissor Lift Tables

To EdmoLift’s lift tables a variety of accessories is available which add extra value to your investment. On this page there are illustrations of the most common accessories that we can equip our products with. There are some important issues that should be considered in the selection and placement of accessory and the environment of the lift table.

  • Will there be someone travelling on the lift table?
  • Will the lift table be installed in a pit?
  • Will the lift table be run over in closed height?
  • Will the lift table be installed outdoors or indoors?
  • Will the lift table be used very intensively?
  • Will additional security features be required around the lift table?
  • Will the lift table need to be moved?
  • Will the load on the platform need to rotate?

HD-execution of the table in intensive use

Lift tables are of standard design fitted for good and prolonged function in ”normal” operation. In intensive driving with heavy loads, fast speed, tough environment, and perhaps more shifts requires that the table sometimes is oversized and HD-equipped. HD-execution should be used when the number of lift cycles exceed 10.000/year or if the lift cycles is more than 10/hour. The execution comes with ball-bearing wheels, machined shafts, grease nipples in all leads and drainage of the cylinders to the tank.

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  • Central lubrication
  • Explosion proof
  • ESD-execution
  • Other color
  • Galvanization
  • Stainless execution
  • HD-execution

When additional equipment is installed, we describe the location as following sketches.

B1 is also known as the fixed side of the lift tableLift table sketch

Guard rail with gate
Guard rail with gate
Lift Table Accessories

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