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Ergonomic Lift Tables and Positioning Equipment

Are your spending a lot of time and money on accident prevention but find your compensation claims are still to high? Maybe the problem isn't accidents but predictable injuries. Whenever you see employees lifting, bending, stretching or contorting their arms, legs and bodies in a repetitive manner, you can predict trouble in the form of injuries, absenteeism and lost efficiency. In most cases, the causes can be easily corrected by the use and application of simple, readily available lift and positioning equipment designed to minimize motion, stress and movement to reduce injuries and increase productivity at the same time. The implementation of sound ergonomic survey and evaluations within your work environment will produce significant results in reducing injuries, increasing productivity and performance efficiency, improve employee morale and attitude and decrease Workmans' Compensation costs. Items to look out for are as follows:

Workplace Problems Worker's Problems
  • Workers maintaining a single posture for extended periods.
  • Workers absorbing the vibration of their tools.
  • Workers who are frequently away from their workstation.
  • Workers who have modified their workstations.
  • Workers who have modified their tools.
  • Multiple workers handling the same part.
  • Controls that are difficult to reach.
  • Controls that are difficult to read.
  • Poor lighting
  • Poor ventilation
  • Poor climate.
  • High job-related accidents or injuries.
  • High absenteeism on a specific job.
  • High turnover on a specific job.
  • High disciplinary action on a specific job.
  • High equipment/tool damage on a specific job.
  • High rework
  • High material waste.
  • Low output
  • Declining output over job shift.
  • Low product quality.
  • Declining product quality over job shift.


EdmoLift products are engineered with a commitment to ergonomics.

Caution! People are biological constructions. Their structure of muscle and bone is not adapted
to strenuous lifting. Even relatively light lifting, if done improperly or over a period of time, can
cause considerable damage.

Lost Workdays
More than half of all workdays lost to work-related health problems involve injured muscle, bone or connecting
tissue, collectively known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). "MSD is the greatest health and safety challenge
for Europe" Over 40 million EU workers are affected by MSD. These injuries (accidents not included) cost employers
over €385 million or between 0.5% and 2% of the Gross National Product, "a significant burden on the EU economy".*

EdmoLift can take it - just name it.
Anywhere lifting is done - office, factory, hospital, stage, warehouse, market, garage, shop, store, school,
institution - products from EdmoLift can do the heavy work and take the strain off people. As the main cause
of musculoskeletal disorders can be significantly reduced by eliminating lifting tasks, EdmoLift products
can be called health aid. Because it improves local equipment transport and supply, it might also be
called an efficiency tool. EdmoLift saves money by reducing the costs for lost workdays and can
therefore also be called an economic implementation. Call EdmoLift whatever you'd like!Lift height rules ergonomic illustration

*The figures and quotations are from EU reports on Health and Safety in Europe.


Consider the rules for manual handling from the Health and Safety Executive and in the EU-directives

Lifting heavy objects can be impossible without the use of lifting aids,unless you don't mind hurting your back or limbs. Lifting light items,or lifting them incorrectly can also result in injuries.

Work absences due to aching backs, shoulder and limb injuries cost businesses and society billions each year. Preventing these injuries has huge monetary benefits for all industries.

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