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Meet EdmoLift at LogiMAT 2019!

It is soon time for one of the most important events in Europe when it comes to internal logistics and innovative processes, the LogiMAT trade fair.

EdmoLift takes on the ”Get Moving Challenge” by Staff in Motion.

We have interviewed Carina Norlinder, HR Manager at EdmoLift, about the latest incentive to promote our employees' wellbeing.

HKIG Trainee Program explored EdmoLift!

The term “knowledge sharing” has become increasingly popular in recent history among companies, but how do you actually do it?

The Blue-Orange original lifting table is establishing in Denmark

EdmoLift’s products for materials handling have been marketed in Denmark since 1977. The company with the ground-breaking lifting solutions has now established a Danish sales company, headquartered in Aalborg.

EdmoLift becomes the sole distributor for Movexx on the Nordic market

EdmoLift has started a cooperation with the Dutch company Movexx. Movexx is one of the world market leaders within their industry and from the beginning of this year, EdmoLift is the sole distributor for their popular electric tugs on the Nordic market.

Product news - Stainless steel lifting tables and new pallet handling system

EdmoLift enhances its range with two completely new product groups - stainless steel lifting tables and the pallet handling system, Pallet Buddy

Intolog Group Oy – distributor of the year 2015/2016

EdmoLift’s partner in Finland Intolog Group Oy has been appointed Distributor of the year 2015/2016. Intolog receives the award by achieving a very good result the first year as a new EdmoLift distributor on the Finnish market.

Edmolift proclaimed the supplier of the year

EdmoLift’s participation at Runelandhs’ annual supplier gathering in the middle of May, ended with the company being awarded Supplier of the Year in the category Work of the Year.

New generation work positioners both faster and stronger

In cooperation with the Danish, privately owned company, Hovmand A/S, EdmoLift now can offer a whole new generation of products in the Work Positioner segment.

Product news - Two new lifting tables broaden the standard range

Two new vertical double scissor tables - TBD 2000 and 2000 TAD - have just been launched.

Runelandhs – distributor of the year 2014/2015

Runelandhs has received the award for its persistent and targeted efforts to develop sales of EdmoLift lifting tables.

Case Studie - Lift for disabled people - designed to blend into its environment

Designed to complement current architectural trends, this TA 2000 features full disabled access compliance with brush finished stainless steel and frameless glass gates and barriers.

EdmoLift and Hovmand forms strategic partnership

Today, Swedish EdmoLift AB and Danish Hovmand A/S announced a global strategic partnership.

Distributor of the year 2013/2014

Our distributor from the Netherlands, Lift Quality B.V, has been awarded the title of Distributor of the Year.

Distributor of the year 2012/2013

Our Italian distributor LeanProducts S.r.l, has been awarded the title of Distributor of the Year.

Warm wishes for a wonderful summer

With summer shut down in many parts of Europe ahead, we would like to wish all our partners a nice and relaxing summer! In Sweden we are looking forward celebrating the Swedish midsummer; the office will therefore be closed to morrow Friday June 21.

Superb lift for wine lovers

A neat and stylish solution is to hide your wine cellar under the floor.

EdmoLift implements a new ERP System

From the 1st of March EdmoLift will introduce a new ERP system called Monitor. This will replace the system that we use today, called Movex; due to the fact that we need a better support for the whole production chain.

New film – Armlift and tugger train a winning concept

During 2011 and 2012, our Armlift has made great progress in the German manufacturing industry. In order to illustrate the Armlift concept and the tugger trains, we have produced a film that demonstrates their use.

Distributor of the year 2011-2012

This year, our Hungarian distributor, Jouleing Kft, has been awarded the title of Distributor of the Year.

AIR product of the year

EdmoLifts low level access platform AIR was nominated at The International Awards for Powered Access 2012 (IAPA); category, product of the year – Low-level Access. There were 90 entries in the category and AIR won the award.

The next generation micro access platforms has arrived

AIR Access Innovations Range is the next generation in micro access platforms that has been specifically designed for public access environments such as shops, offices, hospitals and hotels.

Distributor of the year 2010/2011

EdmoLift’s distributor and partner in Germany, EdmoLift GmbH, have been appointed Distributor of the year 10/11. Well done!

Distributor of the year 2009/2010

Hybeko Forland AS in Norway have been announced as the EdmoLift's 2009/2010 Distributor of the year.

The sky is the limit – That’s how we EdmoLifters always project the use and the reliability of our products!

Euro Disney in Paris choosed a EdmoLift lift table to lift Mickey and Goofy during their shows.

Exchange program EdmoLift and Safetech

In 2007 EdmoLift and Safetech from Australia started an exchange program for young engineers. This program gives the engineers an extra ordinary possibility to develop them self as a person and to get a new perspective working in a different part of the world.

Unemployment is an opportunity

The last year’s crisis will certainly mean an increase in unemployment in Germany and elsewhere in the world. Almost the entire Western world has supported the banks and industry and exceeded their budgets by huge amounts.

Product news 2010

Improvement of several models, reduced prices of some lift tables and two new models among the vertical double scissors.

EdmoLift website has visitors from all over the world

We launched our new website about six months ago and each month we keep having visitors from over 90 countries.

Lift Table No. 100 000

We are rapidly approaching the production of our 100 000 thosand lifting table.

EdmoLift Distributor Of The Year !

The winner of EdmoLift Distributor Of The Year is...

Module system for timber tilting equipment

Among other useful areas, timber tilting equipment is used to feed planing and cutting machines and in front of lines where stacks of timber, often in piles, are processed.

It's easier with an EZ-Trolley

A completely new concept for a compact lift trolley that is designed for the frequent handling of heavy loads.

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