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It's easier with an EZ-Trolley

- Totally unique for outstanding ergonomics!

A completely new concept for a compact lift trolley that is designed for the frequent handling of heavy loads. The trolley is fi tted with three wheels and has a very short wheel base making it extremely stable and easy to manoeuvre in small and narrow spaces even with a load of 1000kgs!

The EZ trolley has an electro-hydraulic 12-volt battery power pack with the charger plug mounted within the tiller handle. The fact that the EZ has a shorter wheelbase than a pallet truck makes the trolley even easier to manoeuvre! A deadman brake automatically stops the trolley as soon as the tiller handle is released. Elevation and descent is controlled by a switch control mounted on the tiller handle. The tiller gently returns to the vertical position as soon as it is released.

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