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Exchange program EdmoLift and Safetech

In 2007 EdmoLift and Safetech from Australia started an exchange program for young engineers. This program gives the engineers an extra ordinary possibility to develop them self as a person and to get a new perspective working in a different part of the world with different ways of produce and different resources available. One of our engineers; Rickard Järnankar went to Australia in 2007 and now we have the pleasure of having Adrian Densley, an ambitious young engineer from Safetech at EdmoLift.

Adrian Densley Safetech - EdmoLift
Adrian Densley age 27, engineer Safetech Australia

What will you work with at EdmoLift, whats your working task?
My current task is to develop a tool to generate above deck options for lift tables such as gates and guardrails.

What do you think you can add/offer to EdmoLift?
I think that my approach to engineering tasks produces functional and innovative results whilst getting the most out of the resources available.

What do you hope to gain from your time at EdmoLift?
For me it’s an amazing experience to work in a different country and also experience things that wouldn’t be possible in my normal life in Australia, like living in snow. EdmoLift´s resources give me direct exposure to manufacturing process’ otherwise unavailable at Safetech and I hope the knowledge I gain can be transferred back to Australia with me.

How long are you staying at EdmoLift?
I will be working at EdmoLift for 7 months between March and October.

What are the main differences between working at EdmoLift and Safetech?
From an engineering perspective, the resources which EdmoLift have at their fingertips allow engineering to adopt a different design philosophy. Safetech’s product range includes lift tables as well as a more diverse range of products such as pallet wrappers, freight hoist, and workstation cranes.

What do you think of EdmoLift as a company?
EdmoLift is a company that looks into the future with open eyes and keeps pushing forward. This is demonstrated by their current expansion and also embracing new manufacturing technologies with the robot welder, laser cutting and folding. The company is always looking for improvements which fits me perfect because that’s my working philosophy, always chasing the edge and keep pushing forward towards new opportunities.

What’s the best thing about EdmoLift?
EdmoLift has excellent resources and great working environment not dissimilar to back home. It is also fun to be working with Rickard again after also working with him in Australia.

What do you think of Sweden?
Sweden has been great thus far and isn’t completely different except for the climate. This is also the first time for me to live in a place that has snow which is a nice experience.

What do you do on your spare time?
I love to go out for a ride with my mountain bike, meet new people, and experience the local customs.

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