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Distributor of the year 2010/2011

EdmoLift’s distributor and partner in Germany, EdmoLift GmbH, have been appointed Distributor of the year 10/11. Well done!

The company receives the award because they have performed outstandingly in the current difficult business climate. EdmoLift GmbH has continued to grow, and refused to be affected by the global crisis!

Through a lot of hard work and determination, EdmoLift GmbH have managed to diversify its product range and been able to approach new markets and niches, mainly within the manufacturing industry with the Armlift programme which has made it possible to develop their sales and bring it to new levels.

Thank you to all the staff at EdmoLift GmbH and we look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship and towards more, new exciting projects! a continues good collaboration and towards new exiting projects!

Ronny Månsson, CEO EdmoLift GmbH holding the plaque.
Ronny Månsson, CEO EdmoLift GmbH holding the plaque.


Earlier winners                

Year Distributor/country
2009-2010 Hybeko Forland AS, Norway
2008-2009 EdmoLift UK Ltd, UK
2007-2008 PS Logistics, Poland
2006-2007 Stertil Rus Ltd, Russia
2005-2006 PE Jakobsen, Denmark
2004-2005 ADC Secmi, France
2003-2004 Laadur, Estonia
2002-2003 Lift Quality, Nederlands
2001-2002 Espace Industriel Modulaire, France
2000-2001 Sermasa S.A, Spain
1999-2000 Troels Andersen A/S, Denmark
1998-1999 SCP, Italy
1997-1998 EdmoLift UK Ltd, UK
Distributor of the year
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