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The next generation micro access platforms has arrived

– AIR designed for you and your workplace

For almost five decades EdmoLift have designed and manufactured advanced access and lifting products. We designed our first lift table in 1964 and 1976 our first access platform. It’s time to bring micro access platforms to the next level, AIR Access Innovations Range is the next generation in micro access platforms that has been specifically designed for public access environments such as shops, offices, hospitals and hotels.

Unlike many other products that are big, bulky, and awkward to move, often designed for building sites AIR is the total opposite. It’s compact size and intuitive drive makes your entire workforce quickly feel comfortable and confident using AIR. The entire platform is controlled with a joystick, it couldn’t be simpler.

It’s not only the exceptionally manoeuvrability and compact size that makes AIR a fantastic product.
  • Designed to compliment it’s environment, to be unobtrusive and blend with it’s surrounding.
  • The operator can reach working heights up to five meters.
  • Safe, stable and simple to operate; operators quickly feel comfortable and confident when using AIR.
  • Almost silent in operation.
  • Will not damage or mark floor surfaces, walls and doors.
  • Compact, suited to narrow aisles and confined areas.
  • Self closing soft stop gate provides easy cage access and great security.
  • Lightweight, easy to move around.
  • AIR is ultra compact, and has no problem fitting through a standard doorway.

There are many hundreds of work tasks and working environments for which AIR is ideally suited, most public areas will benefits from the use of an AIR access platform, from changing light bulbs in an office to cleaning on a hospital ward, decorating a hotel Christmas tree to point of sale display in a supermarket, AIR will tackle hem all with ease!

AIR- the Evolution of Elevation

AIR is available in two models; MA is self-propelled and controlled with a joystick, PA is a push-a-round model.

Read more at http://www.edmolift.com/support/manuals-and-catalogues

AIR Access Innovations Range
The next generation micro access platform
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