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Runelandhs – distributor of the year 2014/2015


“Runelandhs has received the award for its persistent and targeted efforts to develop sales of EdmoLift lifting tables. By being clear in its message and continually developing its offering in its catalogues and marketoriented website, Runelandhs has distinguished itself from other, similar, retailers in being very successful in increasing its sales of special customer solutions.”

Thank you all people at Runelandhs for helping us strengthen EdmoLifts position on the important domestic market. We look forward to continue our good collaboration.

EdmoLift AB 2015-09-25


Earlier winners                

Year Distributor/country
2013-2014 Lift Quality B.V
2012-2013 LeanProducts S.r.l, Italien
2011-2012 Jouleing Kft, Hungary
2010-2011 EdmoLift Hebetechnik GmbH, Germany
2009-2010 Hybeko Forland AS, Norge
2008-2009 EdmoLift UK Ltd, Storbritannien
2007-2008 PS Logistics, Polen
2006-2007 Stertil Rus Ltd, Ryssland
2005-2006 PE Jakobsen, Danmark
2004-2005 ADC Secmi, Frankrike
2003-2004 Laadur, Estonia
2002-2003 Lift Quality, Nederländerna
2001-2002 Espace Industriel Modulaire, Frankrike
2000-2001 Sermasa S.A, Spanien
1999-2000 Troels Andersen A/S, Danmark
1998-1999 SCP, Italien
1997-1998 EdmoLift UK Ltd, Storbritannien
Runelandhs distributor of the year 2014/15
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