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New generation work positioners both faster and stronger

In cooperation with the Danish, privately owned company, Hovmand A/S, EdmoLift now can offer a whole new generation of products in the Work Positioner segment. Work Positioners are compact and manoeuvrable lifting trolleys that facilitate the lifting and transport of goods within most industries.

New generation Work Positioners

The new WP range is both stronger and has faster lift speeds than the old models.

"Our new programme is both stronger and broader, which gives us great potential for continued growth in this segment," says Erik Svanberg, head of the B2B-group at EdmoLift.

The new WP lifts are more manoeuvrable than in the past and give very good ergonomics for the user. The maximum load that can be manoeuvred has also been increased from 250 kg to 300 kg.
"They have a very varied area of use, because everything from offices, mass caterers and industries use this type of lifting trolley."
The new WP series has been launched on our Swedish and English websites, within a few weeks it will be launched on our other websites.

"We already have a number of new demonstration videos available on our website, showing the WP lifts' various tools in operation and examples of how they can be used," says Hans Skoog, designer and web developer at EdmoLift.
The partnership with Hovmand, which was launched in the autumn of 2014, is dynamic.

"We are both privately owned companies. Hovmand has a unique product range and we have a strong market position with well-trodden sales channels and dealers in many countries. Both are also the market leader in our various segments and together we are extremely customer-oriented, searching all the time to find solutions that correspond to needs that can constantly change," says Erik Svanberg.
The new WP lifting trolleys have a lifting speed that is the fastest on the market: up to 270 mm per second.

Unique to this type of products is also that their load centre of gravity extends out 400 mm.

Another huge benefit is that several of the models can be flat-packed like an IKEA product.
"To be able to send flat packages to e.g. the USA and Australia is something that both we and our customers appreciate. We can pack many more products in each container, compared with before, which is more climate-smart and cost-effective," says Erik Svanberg.

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