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The Blue-Orange original lifting table is establishing in Denmark

The Blue-Orange original lifting table is establishing in Denmark

EdmoLift’s products for materials handling have been marketed in Denmark since 1977. The company with the ground-breaking lifting solutions has now established a Danish sales company, headquartered in Aalborg.

“We have a unique product range and look forward growing with our Danish customers,” says EdmoLift’s CEO, Anders Wahlqvist.

Since its foundation in 1964, the Swedish company, EdmoLift, has become known as a reliable supplier of lifting solutions for a wide range of industries with the toughest requirements. The company is now one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of scissor lifting tables and material handling aids, and it delivers to customers all around the world.

A hugely wide product portfolio of over 200 standard models, in combination with great possibilities for customisation, mean that EdmoLift can offer solutions for many different types of businesses and materials handling needs. EdmoLift’s customers range from small family-run businesses to multinational companies like Danfoss, Grundfos, Audi, Volvo and Volkswagen.

EdmoLift is far from being a new entrant to the Danish market. The company’s materials handling products have been sold in Denmark since 1977, although under another brand name. The Swedish-made products have always been associated with innovation and reliability, and the signature colours of Blue and Orange have become an established signal for quality that have been copied by many colleagues in the industry.

But no matter how other manufacturers colour their products, there is only one original Blue-Orange when it comes to smart lifting solutions - and that is EdmoLift.

“We don’t just sell the products. We have invented, developed and manufactured them for over fifty years. This has given us unique knowledge and experience in the industry,” says EdmoLift’s CEO Anders Wahlqvist.

“Now that EdmoLift is establishing a sales company in Denmark, in a strategically good location in Aalborg for its warehouse and office, we will have the best conditions for working closely with our customers,” says EdmoLift’s Sales Manager Mikael Fernlund.

Søren Vennegaard, Project Manager & Technical Sales Engineer, and Tommy Ejstrup, Sales Engineer, both have more than 10 years’ experience in the industry. 

Tommy Ejstrup has worked with the sale of lifting tables on the Danish market and believes that EdmoLift has a very strong product offering.

“We have a large stock of finished products in Denmark ready for direct delivery, excellent personal support and we can offer assistance with installation and annual service via service agreements. Customers will always get straight answers and fast service from us, and doing business with us will always be easy.”

Søren Vennegaard has worked with lifting tables within the area of advanced engineered solutions and is looking forward to working with a lot of advanced customer customisations, an area in which Edmolift is an acknowledged leader.

“We have fifty years of experience of lifting table manufacturing, and experienced designers and engineers who really understand customers’ needs. Good customisations maximize the benefits - which of course leads to gains for the customer.

EdmoLift is also involved in the work of creating and developing the standards for lifting tables in Europe, and constantly updates its products to comply with the EN 1570-1 standard. If you buy a lifting table from us, you will always be able to trust in its complying with the European standard in all respects. This gives added security.”

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