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EdmoLift takes on the ”Get Moving Challenge” by Staff in Motion.

Here at EdmoLift we try our best to give our employees a healthy workplace.

“We want our staff to be well and feel that we have a workplace that promotes a healthy living. The people that work here is the most valuable asset we have and without them EdmoLift wouldn’t exist” says Carina Norlinder, HR Manager at EdmoLift AB, and continues,

“For this reason, it is essential that our employees still have energy left in their tanks when they get home from work. If they are completely exhausted after a long work-day they won’t be able to enjoy their spare time. And that can have a negative impact on our employees. One way of counteracting this is by being in good physical condition.”

The Get Moving Challenge

The Get Moving Challenge
The Swedish company, Motionsplatsen AB, started their wellbeing-journey in 2007 with the website Motionsplatsen.se and has ever since helped to increase the wellness in organizations. Through their new innovative platform Staff in Motion, Motionsplatsen offers their latest service - the Get Moving Challenge. It is an interactive wellness game that help employees to build team spirit and develop new healthy habits and behaviors in a fun and encouraging way. 

“Many people at EdmoLift have signed up and are positive towards the Get Moving Challenge. Our goal is to have a healthy staff, and we strive to help our employees limit the amount of sick days every year. Beyond the preventive health care benefit we have fruit deliveries twice a week and we also bring in a masseur regularly to contribute to our employees’ wellbeing. The Get Moving Challenge is an additional incentive to help our employees stay in good physical condition and take care of their personal health. By being part of competitions such as this one, it also increases the team spirit in our company!” Concludes Carina Norlinder.



The Get Moving Challenge starts on October 3rd and runs until November 6th. To learn more, visit their website.

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