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Unemployment is an opportunity

The last year's crisis will certainly mean an increase in unemployment in Germany and elsewhere in the world. Almost the entire Western world has supported the banks and industry and exceeded their budgets by huge amounts. This year, therefore, most governments plan to reduce their support and return to normal financial politics.

When the aid ceases, there is a great risk that much of industry will respond with layoffs and rationalization of various kinds in order not to lose competitiveness or operate at a loss.

In recent years, automotive suppliers have taken over more and more of the work of car production in Germany. The basis for this is greater flexibility in the contracts between employers and especially collective affiliated employees. The implication of this is better economy of scale providing improved conditions for specialization and rationalization. In Germany today subcontractors employ a total of approximately 300 000 employees with annual sales of approximately € 70 billion. (1998 approximately 280 000 people / 43 billion €.)

This leaning will require large volumes. Production volume has increased rapidly over the last 10 years, but not the number of employees. In some sections there are a lot less staff despite higher volumes. This raises the question:

What does this mean for us as a lift table manufacturer?

Lift tables are often used to help employees to feed materials to the presses, punches, cutters, laser machines, etc. Companies are constantly developing new methods, making it possible to increase volume without increasing headcount. Often you will see a co-worker "running" between two machines. A few years ago many members of staff had their "own" machine.

The number of lift tables in use is not dependent on the number of employees, but more of class size being processed. If the pressure of work on the employee is very demanding, it increases the need for lift tables.

Our last order from ZF for 5 batches of 4 units of ALT 750 on a podium, is confirmation of this trend. In the past 4 staff worked with 4 individual presses. ZF has invested in 5 machine cells, each one of them capable of performing the work of 4. Work on each machine cell is served by only one employee, but it needs 4 Armlifts!


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