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The sky is the limit – That’s how we EdmoLifters always project the use and the reliability of our products!

What is exciting is that Euro Disney in Paris has understood the message and has chosen an TMD1500 to lift Mickey and Goofy during their shows. Euro Disney Paris welcomes approx 10 million visitors annually, and we are now part of the spectacle. The table is installed in the park and ensures Disney characters can safely be lifted and lowered while performing during their daily work.

The solution includes some removable guard rails and gates that provide all safety features when it comes to use the 2 speed powerpack. The table is painted in yellow RAL 1018 with some wire mesh and customized printed curtains that roll up with the table’s movement. Self supporting base frame, tipping protection, aluminum tear plate, inspection hatch, lifting eyebolts completes the full setup and it´s powered by a remote H8 powerpack with frequency inverter and IP65 electrical components.

We can say that EdmoLift is now part of the Wonderful World of Walt Disney!!!

Disney land and EdmoLift
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