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Re-designed Work Positioner used for placing heavy data servers in cabinets

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Data Information Technology Systems. Heavy Data Servers have to be placed in specially designed cabinets, causing severe back-problems, and damages to the valuable servers.

In total 15 completely re-designed WP 205's have been delivered, used to place the servers inside the cabinets. The WP's do not only have elongated legs, they are also equipped with a specially designed push and pull system with which the servers can be placed in, and be taken out of the cabinets.

The WP's are "locked" to the cabinets with fixationarms in order to prevent the WP from rolling away during the placement of the servers.

These WP's do not only result in a more ergonomical way of work, they also have shown a huge increase of productivity, as well as an enourmous decline of damages to the expensice servers

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