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Customized Low Profile Lift Table TCL 1000 used to lift electrical boxes to the desired level.

Eaton Electric is a global technology leader in electrical systems for power quality, and is making custom-made electrical boxes. These large boxes have to be filled with large and heavy components, causing back-problems with the operators.

A customized Low Profile Lift Table TCL 1000 is used to lift the electrical box to the desired level.
Each electrical box is placed on wheel chassis that, due to the reduced width of the TCL easily can be driven onto the platform. The platform itself is equipped with 2 manually operated locks, securing the box when lifting and during the assembly.

On top of the platform that is covered with an industrial rubber the wheel chassis are automatically positioned giving the operators the possibility of mounting the electrical components safe, quick and above all effortless.

For the same problem, Eaton is also using 10 off TSL masts!

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