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Lifting a 3000Kgs fork lift truck from the yard into the building at SATRA in Kettering, England

SATRA are a quality testing facility for consumer products before being placed on the market. Typical items that are tested every day include furniture, hand tools, clothing, electronic goods, etc., that have been manufactured anywhere in the world.

Therefore, this customer knows a quality product when they see it.

The lift carries an unladen fork lift truck weighing 3000Kgs from the yard into the building, mainly for security reasons.

After close consultation between EdmoLift AB and Edmolift UK Ltd, the lift was tailor made to suit an existing pit so that no further civil works were necessary. The lift is supplied with an auto rise stop to prevent the fork lift accidentally rolling off the elevated lift, and automatic shot bolts to lock the platform height while the fork lift drives between lift platform and internal floor. Sheeted in side handrails and lift up barrier arms ensure that no persons are at risk of falling over the edge of the dock or off the edge of the elevated scissor lift.

The lift table used in this solution is a TA4000 and was installed by Edmolift UK Ltd. at SATRA in Kettering, England

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